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Booking Procedure

Selecting my property. I wants you to feel comfortable and fully informed in selecting my property for your trip to France. I will provide all necessary information and details to help you make that selection. If you have questions after reviewing property descriptions and photographs please Email me so I can provide or research the answers.

Confirming a reservation. When you are decided for my property please notify us of your decision immediately (sometimes a short delay can mean the difference between confirmation and disappointment). After I will send you the Rental Agreement will specify the rental price, (amount of security deposit, the date of the reservation,  number of persons who may occupy the property overnight, and when the final payment is due. 

Initial payment. The initial payment required to secure a reservation is 50 percent of the total rental price.

VRBO Payment, PayPal and Wire Transfert. You can pay directly throught VRBO 

Or with PAYPAL www.paypal.com (with PayPal you can use also you Credit card ) 

If you pay  with PAYPAL my email adress count is : gourdon@mac.com

(do not forget to put the payment in EUROS inside the PAYPAL choice)

Or with Wire transfer witch is also available for international clients.

Payment acknowledgement. Immediately upon receipt of your initial  payment I will mail you an Acknowledgement of payment. Generally with VRBO or PAYPAL it’s few minutes, and with a wire transfert, it takes around few days.

Final payment. The second half of the rent and the security deposit are due at your arrival the first day of your rental. As it’s not possible to make another wire transfer at this time the best is to anticipate enough money with you.(cash, you can use ATM  in Paris) As the reservation is in France Euros is better for the second half of the payment.

Cancellation. Cancellation of a confirmed reservation is a painful event for both owner and renter. The renter cancels because of some unexpected hardship; meanwhile the owner may have turned away rental opportunities and thus lost revenue. My cancellation provision are as follows: If notice of a cancellation is received by mail 60 days or more before arrival date, 50 percent of the initial deposit will be returned; if received 59 days or less before arrival, none of the deposit (50%) will be refunded. But in both case I offert you to book at another time during 1 year, so like this you do not lose your deposit.

Security Deposit. I almost invariably require a refundable security deposit in addition to rent. The amount of this deposit is 400$ from 1 week to 4 weeks. I accept a bank check for the security deposit as It is extremely rare that I have to deducted the security deposit.

Extra charges. Every things are included, the local phones calling, the linen, electricity, etc…so you’ll have no extra charge.

Rental Agreement


Philippe Gourdon, 32, av de Friedland, PARIS gourdon@mac.com

 00 33 (0) 1 42 72 83 95


Lynn and Paul Smith


4 Heather St. 

City, State / province

Sacramento, California

Country / Zip

USA, 95233

Phone number / Email


Date of Arrival :

….. /….. /…..

Date of departure :

….. /….. /…..

Number of people who will stay in the flat :

2 adults, 2 children

Total price for the during location :

xxx Euros

Amount of the The initial payment  : (Vrbo, Paypal, or Wire Transfert)

xxx Euros

Amount of the balance at your arrival : 

xxx Euros

Amount of the deposit at your arrival  :  (Check or other)

300 Us Dollards in check or other.  

Date of today

….. /….. /…..

Cancellation policy

If notice of a cancellation is received by mail 60 days or more before 

arrival date , 50 percent of the initial deposit (50%) will be returned

if received 59 days or less before arrival, 

none of the deposit (50%) will be refunded

Phone: +331 42 72 83 95


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